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Estate Planning Attorneys Serving Overland Park, Kansas

Everyone Needs an Estate Plan 

Quality estate planning attorneys do far more than simply record your plans for your property and possessions – they guide you in creating a roadmap that can help sustain your legacy for generations to come. Without an estate plan, settling your final affairs or distributing assets to heirs can be a significant challenge placed upon your loved ones after you pass. Regardless of your age or how the size of your estate, having an up-to-date estate plan on file is key to protecting your assets and helping you prepare for life’s uncertainties. 

Whether you're looking to update your will or learn about other estate plan documentation options, it is crucial to consult with an experienced Kansas estate planning attorney. Our lawyers at Stern & Mauck, LLC, are committed to providing comprehensive legal guidance and advocacy to clients throughout Overland Park, Shawnee, Leawood, and Johnson County, Kansas. We’re happy to assist you in a variety of estate planning matters, including wills, probate and trust administration, estate litigation, and more.

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Why Is Estate Planning Important? 

When you have your estate plan in order, both you and your beneficiaries reap the benefits. A detailed and comprehensive estate plan can help: 

  • Legally protect your assets 

  • Secure your wishes for your loved ones 

  • Spare your heirs any expensive estate or gift taxes, and the costly and time-consuming probate process 

  • Prevent any conflict over asset distribution 

  • Determine who you’d want to watch over your children in the case of untimely death 

  • Establish conservatorship and name a guardian (in the event of incapacitation)

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How We Can Help 

Our estate planning attorneys are ready to help you understand your options, advise you according to your unique goals, and advocate for you through numerous estate processes. We represent clients concerning a variety of topics, such as Veterans Affairs Benefits Planning, Medicaid planning, special needs trusts, powers of attorney, asset protection, living wills, and the following:

Last Will and Testament 

Often referred to as a will, your last will and testament is an important estate planning tool. It’s a legal document that outlines detailed instructions for how you want your property to be handled after your passing. If necessary, a will also allows you to name an official guardian for your surviving children, who will care for them and manage any assets you wish to leave to them. Our estate planning lawyers have extensive experience in writing and reviewing wills for a diverse array of clients. Let us help you make your wishes clear with a will that is completely tailored to you.  

Probate and Trust Administration 

After a family member's passing, multiple processes are involved in settling their estate. Probate, for example, is a court-supervised process that is often required to resolve the final affairs of the descendant. However, if the descendant had a living trust, the assigned trustee would step in and handle the estate administration according to the specifications outlined in the document, thus avoiding probate altogether. Our probate and trust administration attorneys will guide you and your family through every step of either process. Call us today to get started.  

Estate and Trust Litigation

Disputes arising from the passing or incapacitation of a loved one can quickly become complex litigation cases. Through honest and practical advice, our lawyers will help you and your family avoid estate and trust litigation whenever possible. As skilled negotiators, we will zealously advocate for a fair resolution that is in line with your interests and your ancestor’s wishes. But if litigation is unavoidable, we will stand by you in court and fight on your behalf from beginning to end. Learn more about our estate and trust litigation services and schedule a free appointment to discuss your case.  

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Gain peace of mind about the future with the help of our friendly and experienced estate planning attorneys. For comprehensive estate and elder law services, reach out to us at Stern & Mauck, LLC. From our office in Olathe, Kansas, we work with clients in and near Overland Park, Shawnee, Leawood, and Johnson County. Contact us now to get started.