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Probate & Trust Administration Attorneys
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Probate and trust administration are legal processes designed to settle the final affairs of someone who has passed on. They are both emotional endeavors and, depending on the case or size of the decedent's estate, they can be quite complex procedures. Don’t navigate probate or trust administration alone, especially if an issue has already arisen. Enlist legal support from a trusted attorney.  

At Stern & Mauck, LLC, our team understands the grief our clients are facing, and we do not want you to shoulder all the stress of your loved one’s estate administration. Our probate and trust administration attorneys are here to advocate for and guide you through this challenging time. Along the way, we will help you understand your rights and what to prepare for. As a quick overview, this is the order of events you can expect to happen in each process:

The Probate Process 

  1. Court Appoints an Executor or Administrator for the Estate 

  1. Notice of Probate Sent to Heirs and Creditors 

  1. Collection of the Decedent’s Assets  

  1. Creditors and Liabilities Are Paid 

  1. Remaining Assets are Distributed to Heirs 

The Trust Administration Process 

  1. Trustee Collects & Reviews All Documents 

  1. Trustee Secures All Assets & Reviews Beneficiaries 

  1. Trustee Notifies Beneficiaries & Creditors 

  1. Creditors, Taxes, and Final Expenses Are Paid 

  1. Assets Are Distributed Per the Trust Document 

No matter what path your family is on, our probate and trust administration attorneys offer their experienced support through every step. From our office in Overland Park, Kansas, we work with clients in and near Overland Park, including Shawnee, Leawood, and Johnson County. Get started today with a free initial consultation. 

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Do I Need a Probate Lawyer? 

If you are in disagreement with another over the content of a last will and testament or the way it is being carried out, you need a probate attorney. Probate marks an already-difficult time for families, so when you face any issue during the process, let an experienced litigator take the lead and advocate strategically on your behalf. Our team at Stern & Mauck, LLC, can guide you through the probate process, along with the following related proceedings:

  • Guardianships 

  • Conservatorships 

  • Will Contests 

  • Estate Administration 

  • Other General Probate Proceedings 

How to Avoid Probate in Kansas

Sometimes, probate is smooth sailing, but it can become a lengthy process if disputes arise. Perhaps a former probate experience or acquired knowledge has inspired you to shield your descendants from the process. If that's the case, there are a number of options you can explore. In Kansas, individuals can help their heirs avoid probate via the following paths: 

  • Living trusts 

  • Joint ownership of properties/bank accounts 

  • Payable-on-death designations for bank accounts 

  • Transfer-on-death registration for vehicles, stocks, and bonds 

  • Transfer-on-death deeds for real estate 

  • Simplified probate procedures for small estates 

If you believe it is in your best interest to have a plan in place that enables your beneficiaries to forgo the probate process, our experienced attorneys will advise you on which strategy works best for your situation. And, no matter what your strategy, they have the skills to help you build a detailed estate plan that makes the probate and trust administration processes as easy on your heirs as possible.  

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When you're in need of representation for a probate or trust administration matter, don't settle for just any attorney. Choose a firm like Stern & Mauck, LLC — that offers both experience and client-focused support.

Whether you have questions about the probate process or are a trustee seeking advice, our legal team is here to help. We serve clients and their families in Overland Park, Kansas, and the surrounding areas of Olathe, Leawood, Shawnee, and Johnson County. Contact us today to schedule a free appointment.