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Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Overland Park, Kansas

Accidents happen, but their resulting injuries can have devastating impacts on everyone involved. Even if you are driving carefully or taking a routine stroll around the neighborhood, it only takes one act of negligence at the wrong moment to completely alter your life.

On top of the pain and emotional effects, accident victims also often face the challenges of lost wages and hefty medical bills. Thankfully, our personal injury attorneys can help you pursue maximum financial compensation for the damages you or a loved one have suffered. 

While insurance companies may not deliver the full settlement you need to get better, we at Stern & Mauck, LLC, believe in your right to make an effective recovery — without having to deal with overwhelming medical fees or additional suffering.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle 

When you or someone close to you has been injured in an accident, we know how to help you move forward. We have the knowledge and experience needed to help you through the following personal injury cases: 

  • Medical malpractice  

  • Assisted living negligence 

  • Auto accidents 

  • Pedestrian accidents 

  • Premises liability  

  • Products liability 

  • Slip and falls 

  • Dog bites and animal attacks 

  • And more 

Regardless of the severity of your injuries or the nature of your accident, you have the right to explore your legal options and seek financial compensation for your losses. Our lawyers are here to evaluate your personal injury claim and to help you through every stage of your case.

Call us today to learn more, and set up a free consultation. We proudly assist clients in Overland Park, Kansas, and the surrounding areas of Leawood, Shawnee, and Johnson County.

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Statute of Limitations in Kansas & Missouri 

Statutes of limitations define the legal time limits for accident victims to file their personal injury claims. The clock (typically) starts the day of the accident and stops depending on which state you reside in. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in both Kansas and Missouri, which have the following limitations: 

Kansas: 2 years 

Missouri: 5 years 

While these are the typical guidelines to follow, there are exceptions that could extend the window of time to submit your lawsuit. Because each personal injury case is uniquely complex, and the legislation surrounding injury statutes often changes, it’s important that you consult a knowledgeable attorney.  

Comprehensive Care for Senior Clients

Our versatile attorneys are committed to providing exceptional representation for our clients throughout every season of life. With a large focus of our practice being elder law, we are specially equipped to advise senior individuals and their families in cases of personal injury.

Assisted living facilities are common settings for premises liability and medical malpractice cases. If you or a loved one has sustained an injury, abuse, or neglect at a senior care center in Overland Park, Kansas, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will deliver comprehensive legal support and fight for a fair settlement so that you and your family have everything you need to turn a new chapter and begin the recovery process.

Obtain Trusted Legal Counsel

For you to succeed in recovering your losses, we will need to prove that the at-fault party was negligent or acted recklessly. While there's no guaranteed outcome, we diligently strive to prove negligence. To do so, our personal injury lawyers will collect and organize evidence to support your injury claim. Pieces of evidence can include a number of items, like photos or videos of the accident, eyewitness statements, medical reports, and accident or police reports.

We can use all this — along with any testimonies from medical or other experts, as needed — to demonstrate who was responsible for the accident that led to your injuries. From there, we present the best case possible so that we can fight for a fair settlement.

Our lawyers— Marion Stern and Adam C. Mauck — are skilled negotiators, and advocate for injury victims in Overland Park, Kansas, and the surrounding communities. If you or a loved one needs personal injury representation, contact our office in Overland Park, Kansas, today to schedule a free consultation.